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Primavera provides the transparency to track project and programme cash flow, plus monitor performance versus plan. With tools to accurately forecast project completion dates and costs against estimates, you can make strategic adjustments throughout the project lifecycle and confidently make and keep commitments to customers.

With real-time collaboration between local and global teams across the value chain, you can better manage resources, including dispersed and outsourced teams, because all contributors have same level of insight on progress of project. Management can communicate schedule or budget changes to all programme resources, and teams can engage through strong feedback mechanisms. This results in reduced financial and performance risk and increased client satisfaction.

Primavera solutions increase project and programme visibility into critical issues and changing needs. This fosters improved accountability among team members, and increases your ability to tie resources to change management processes. With tight integration and a single source of truth for your projects, programmes, and portfolios, you can overcome the fragmented processes that lead to a lack of business alignment, low predictability in project execution and performance, and inconsistency in business decision-making.


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