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Master Class in Cost Management

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The primary objectives of this MCPCM are to


  • Understand the principles of effective practices in projects in order to achieve the expectations on project profitability.
  • Explain about the body of knowledge and standards of conduct for the practice of cost management.
  • Provide insights on project cost elements understanding along with quantifying and managing project cost thoroughly during bidding/proposal stage and during execution of the project.
  • Impart the skills to Estimate and Control Cost in Project Development and Implementation stage.
  • Focus on essentials aspects - nature of the costs, cost concepts, costing methods, cost units, cost centres, cost behavior, cost-volume- profit analysis, budgeting basics and its use in EPC project monitoring and control.
  • Cost Management is one of the key 15 competencies as per PRAGATI (L&T’s Project Leadership Development Program).

Duration: 6 days - 48 hours

Target Audience: Tier-1 to Tier-3


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Programme Director:

Dr. Hiren Maniar
E-mail: hmaniar@Lntipm.org
Phone: +91 9898010291 (cell);
+91 (0265) 245 3103 (landline)

Programme Coordinator:

Mitesh Prajapati
Ph - +91 (0265) 245 3125 (landline)