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  • L&T Institute of Project Management


April 2018

ProgrammeProgramme TypeDurationStart DateLocationCoordinatorFaculty
Introduction to M S Project SCDM 3 days 11-04-18 Chennai Bala M K P Reghunath
Project Cost Contingency Management Webinar 2 hours 11-04-18 Online   Hiren Mania
Sub Contract Management SCDM 2 days 12-04-18 Vadodara Harshil P VTCS Rao, Sunil Kumar
PMP Preparatory Program  Certification 5 days 23-04-18 Chennai Janaki Mr. Arun Vetrivel
Application of Agile Concepts
in Construction
Webinar 2 hours 25-04-18 Online   External Faculty
Emotional Intelligence
for Project Managers
SCDM 2 days 26-04-18 Vadodara Meera P Chakradhar Iyyunni
Advanced Programme for
Excellence in Project Execution (APEPE)
With Cranfield
University , UK
6 days 30-04-18 Vadodara Mitesh P Hariharan Subramanyan

May 2018

ProgrammeProgramme TypeDurationStart DateLocationCoordinatorFaculty
Construction Planning and Scheduling SCDM 2 days 08-05-18 Chennai Janaki Sunil Kumar
Basics of Project Management (L0) Foundation Course 5 days 07-05-18 Chennai Janaki Chakradhar Iyyunni
Modern methods in
Project Scheduling
Webinar 2 hours 09-05-18 Online   Hariharan Subramanyan
Working Capital Management SCDM 2 days 21-05-18 Vadodara Harshil Hiren Maniar
Contract Changes and Claim Management SCDM 2 days 22-05-18 Chennai Bala M Hariharan Subramanyan
Introduction to Primavera SCDM 3 days 23-05-18 Chennai Bala M K P Reghunath
Project Pre-Bidding
Financial Performance Analysis
Webinar 2 hours 23-05-18 Online   Hiren Maniar
Construction Quality Management SCDM 2 days 28-05-18 Chennai Bala M External Faculty

June 2018

ProgrammeProgramme TypeDurationStart DateLocationCoordinatorFaculty
Critical Chain
Project Management
SCDM 2 days 04-06-18 Chennai Janaki K P Reghunath
Conflict Management SCDM 2 days 07-06-18 Vadodara Harshil Sunil Kumar
International Project
and Program Management (IPPM)
With University of Texas,
Austin , USA
7 days 09-06-18 Vadodara Sajesh Chakradhar Iyyunni
Differing Site
Conditions (DSC) Claim -
Treatment and Tactics
Webinar 2 hours 13-06-18 Online   VTCS Rao
Introduction to Primavera SCDM 3 days 20-06-18 Vadodara Mitesh K P Reghunath
LCTP: Legal and
Commercial Terms in
Project Execution
SCDM 2 days 18-06-18 Chennai Bala VTCS Rao
Master's Programme in
Business and
Project Management
With SDA Bocconi,
Milan, Italy
6 days 25-06-18 Vadodara Harshil Hiren Maniar
Basics of Project Management (L0) Foundation Course 5 days 25-06-18 Vadodara Sajesh Chakradhar Iyyunni
Art of Questioning -
Leading Projects with
Right Questions
SCDM 2 hours 27-06-18 Online   VTCS Rao
Project Finance
in EPC Projects
SCDM 2 days 28-06-18 Chennai Bala Hiren Maniar