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These single module short duration programmes enable participants to learn latest and advanced concepts in the specific knowledge area of project management and also about the interfaces of the knowledge area with the adjunct areas. These programmes are run as both open programmes and IC Specific Programmes.

Open to All

Training Program Name

Programme Objectives

BPPS: Best Practices in Project Scheduling

To strengthen planning and scheduling skills of project managers, engineering managers, planning managers and construction managers

CCPM: Critical Chain Project Management

Develop a deeper understanding of critical chain project management (CCPM) & use it to ensure on time delivery of projects

LCTP: Legal and Commercial Terms in Project Execution

Develop a deeper understanding of legal & commercial terms and use them in contract drafting

MAPD: Managing Agile and Product Development projects

Understand the challenges related to progressive elaborations in product development & first product out

 Executives & Tier 1

Training Program Name

Programme Objectives

PSM: Project Site Management

Develop skills and knowledge to manage medium to large project site.

CPS: Construction planning and scheduling

Develop advanced skills in planning & scheduling of constructions projects or constructions of EPC projects

CQM: Construction Quality Management

Develop assurance and control skills to manage quality at medium to large construction sites

 Tier 1 & 2 

Training Program Name

Programme Objectives

PSCM:  Project Supply Chain Management

To strengthen projects supply chain management competencies covering all aspects of procurement and material management from home office to site execution

CC: Cost Control - Planning and budgeting, monitoring and control and forecasting

Develop a deeper understanding & skills for managing costs in medium to large projects

PSCM:  Project Supply Chain Management

To strengthen projects supply chain management competencies covering all aspects of procurement and material management from home office to site execution

LPCE: Lean Principles in Construction Execution

To understand and apply Lean construction principles in construction projects and to foster a culture of continuous improvement in the engineering and construction industry

 Tier 2 & 3

Training Program Name

Programme Objectives

CPMP: Commercial and Profit Management in Projects

To understand & apply principles concepts & strategies that protect or improve as-sold position on large projects

CCM: Contract Changes and Claim Management

Provide in-depth knowledge of managing the prime contract including the changes and claims.

SM: Subcontract Management - Strategy, Administration, Monitoring and Control

Identify, assess and manage sub-contract risks and Ability to make future, error free project in planning sub con-tract & execution

IPRAM: International Projects Risk Analysis & Management

Create robust Risk Management Plan and continually monitor risks during the entire project life-cycle. Identify, Prioritize & Mitigate risks in Medium to Large EPC projects

CRM: Client Relationship Management in Projects

Develop & maintaining effective client relationships in positioning, performing & post-project account management

CCM: Conflicts and Crisis Management

Handling crisis and conflict management in constructions projects / EPC projects

PIIM: Project Interface and Integration Management in complex projects

Successful application of tools, tactics & techniques of interface & integration in large complex projects

MCPB: Managing and Controlling changes to the project baseline (internal and external)

Managing & controlling project changes in scope, content & influences

PEMP: Planning and Executing Mega Projects (IPM and International Faculty)

Understand & apply strategies, executions, plans & critical success factor of mega projects

SNP: Skilful negotiation in projects - preaward pricing and post award changes

To equip project personnel involved in proposals and bidding and post award executing with tools and tactics for a skilful negotiation

 Tier 3

Training Program Name

Programme Objectives

SRMMP: Strategizing, resourcing, and monitoring of multiple projects

Managing & managing a portfolio of multiple projects at cluster level / Business level units.

BBAWP: Behavioural and Business aspects of working with partners (JVs and Consortium)

Understand business, commercial & executions strategies related to working with JV Partners / consortium partners

 Tier 1, 2, 3 

Training Program Name

Programme Objectives

PFM: Project Finance Management in EPC Projects

Understand what project finance is, its necessary elements, why it is used, how it is used, its advantages and its disadvantages.

FCCF: Financial Concepts & Cash Flow for Project Management

Develop a deeper understanding of cash, cash flow, its effect on project margins
Understand what is taken care at company level, IC level & what needs to be handled at project level

HP: Hedging in Projects

Enhanced understanding about the application and effective use of
hedging tool to tackle wild price variation in commodities and forex

DAEC: Delay Analysis and EOT Claims in EPC projects

Develop a deeper understanding & application of strategies related to construction extensions of time & prolongation claims

EIPM: Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

Understanding and applying emotional intelligence in project context

MCIP: Managing Communications and Information flow in projects

Managing internal & external communications in projects.
Managing information flow & accountability in large projects

IPD: Understanding and implementing integrated project delivery model for industrial and building projects

To prepare the project teams for new contracting and project delivering models viz. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model adopted by the global accounts like Proctor and Gamble (P&G)



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